Watchover Guidebook

A guide to help you get started with the LGBTChat Watchover system

To enable you to fully carry out your role and be an effective member of staff we have an easy to use "Staff Mode"
To enable staff mode you should use

This enables watchover and gives you a new inventory shown in the image below.

Watchover contains  some powerful features, these features are listed below in more detail.

Staff Panel

The staff panel gives you to access a whole range of commands designed to allow you to more effectively do your job
(Can be opened using /sp or by right clicking the book when in your hand).

The staff panel opens the following menu

The two options are "Yourself Management" and "Server Management"

First we will discuss "Yourself Management"

Clicking this option opens a menu with many options, Many of which you wont be able to use despite the option showing.

We will only discuss the options that you have access to.

Watchover - toggles watchover mode (If using from /sp)

Vanish - Renders you completely invisible to players and commands.

Duty - Toggles you on or off duty (We dont really use this)

Staff Chat - Toggles Staff chat (Use /ac {message} instead!)

Gamemode - Use /gms for survival and /gmsp for spectator mode instead

Player info - Shows helpful info about yourself

UUID - Shows your UUID

Ping - Shows your current ping

Bin - Opens the bin and allows you to discard confiscated items (From xrayers etc)

Command Spy - Allows you to see what commands people are using (You should always have this on)

That is it for "Yourself Management"

Moving on, We have "Server Management"

When you click on server management it will open a menu with three options, You only have access to one of the options behind the "Commands" Option however.

ClearChat - Clears the chat of any previously sent messages (Only to be used during a troll raid or other exceptional circumstances

X-ray Finder

Right clicking with the Xray finder pickaxe in your hand opens a menu showing all players currently online and below a certain height.

Random Teleport

Right clicking with the Random Teleport nether star teleports you randomly to players on the server, allowing you to keep an eye on the playerbase


Right clicking with the vanish potion toggles your vanish mode, as watchover automatically puts you into vanish mode.

Inspect a player

No screenshot for this one yet

Right clicking on a player with the Inspect a player blaze rod allows you to view their inventory and other useful information about them.

CPS Checker

No screenshot for this yet

Right clicking on a player with the CPS (Clicks per second) Checker allows you to detect autoclickers by displaying the average number of clicks the player makes in 10 seconds

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