Clearing up what we do and don't vote on

There may be a little confusion regarding what changes/decisions about the server we will vote on. This post aims to make it clearer.

Not all items will definitely happen. We may never get a new server or gamemode but if we do, it will be voted on.

And just because we don't vote on something does not mean we don't accept suggestions and ideas

What we vote on:

  • Difficulty changes (Direct Easy, Medium, hard Changes)
  • Adding a plugin
  • Removing a plugin
  • Overruling a staff members decision
  • New gamemodes
  • New servers
  • Server Projects

What we don't vote on:

  • Adding or removing Documentation
  • Adding or removing Policy/Procedure
  • New Staff Hire
  • Staff Dismissal
  • How we monetise the server
  • Adding or removing Discord channels
  • Server resets (After big Minecraft updates that effect terrain generation)
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