The player experience update

I now have a planned release date for what I am calling

" The player experience update"

I will be consulting you all with what I have planned over the next few weeks.

The update I am planning will be a large update to how things work on the server. It will be geared towards a progression system that will give players something to work towards.

What the player experience update will bring to the server:

New progression ranks that can only be purchasable with in game currency

The ranks will be rather expensive, to such an extent that the entire server economy as it is currently($30+ Million) could only afford a few ranks.
Possibly using either unused features of our current /shop system, or the unused rankup system from CMI -

New progression ranks based on playtime or other statistics using the CMI rankup system

A large overhaul to how the /shop looks and operates.

The shop has long been a frustrating part of the server, and can be overwhelming to some people. there is essentially every variant of every block on the shop. we only need to have the base blocks etc. The shop categories need renaming to make it way easier to navigate.

The shop will show different items/prices depending on what rank a player gets to.

New exclusive areas of the server

Areas of the server that will contain new experiences/benefits.

These areas will only be accessible to people with various progression ranks

Custom help Gui

The current help command is actually very little help and there are and have been numerous times where a player has had to ask for help from a mod because they didn't fully understand an aspect of our command structure and while of course our mods are always happy to help a player in need, it would be beneficial to everyone if they could get the help they need from a single command that opens a gui.

Progression quest system

A system of progression quests will serve the purpose of giving players short simple quests and more long form quests.

Quests can include a huge variety of things the player must do such as mob kills, total jumps and animals bred etc -

Updated and worthwhile crates/vote rewards

A system of better rewards for supporting the server would further drive player engagement

More will be added in the future

Planned latest release date: 30/10/2020

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