That's A Wrap

Community Dec 31, 2019
- allyisnotcool

Goodbye 2019

Wow! What a crazy year we've had from the birth of the server to reaching over two thousand unique players ever joined the Minecraft Server and over two hundred and fifty Discord members.

Fun Statistics of 2019:

  • 2k Unique Players
  • 250+ Discord Members
  • 102 Regular Players
  • Best Peak Time with 24 Players
  • Over 452 Players Killed
  • Over 743767 Mobs Killed
  • Over 5537 Deaths
  • Average Playtime / Player 6h 13m 47s
  • Total Playtime 8 months, 29d 10h 43m 55s

Top Playtime:

  1. daydreamie with over 23d 4h 26m 14s!
  2. allyisnotcool with over 13d 18h 6m 17s
  3. Daarko with over 13d 3h 16m 3s
  4. serena445 with over 11d 15h 14m 36s
  5. CalcavoriX with over 10d 18h 8m 59s

Thank you all for playing!

You have supported us!

Supporters of 2019: (in order of most recent)

people that bought the Supporter rank

  • 3mberminer
  • LunaQueen99
  • SaltedSalt
  • dr_bichcraft
  • Calcavorix
  • Daarko
  • kyleboyce_
  • Adikteef
  • Newberries
  • ninthox
  • gayStrider
  • DemonTrench
  • Gam3rs4Life
  • crazycorny2003
  • Saul_Khan


  • TiredBird
  • yas_gang
  • Daarko
  • Bust0ut
  • princesscyr
  • Newberries
  • Calcavorix
  • NateEatzCake
  • SadGayCherry
  • wowitssunny
  • Fuzzyfire33
  • mitch_x


  • somftnsquishy
  • Gatto__
  • J4YD3N_2315


  • stitcher28

Thanks to those who have donated to the server! We love you!

Celebrating the people who support the server
It always brings a smile to my face that people can care enough about our littleserver to actually reach out and support us with our server fees and enable usto keep running and bringing more features for you to enjoy. We love finding new ways to put our donators upon the pedestal they deserve. …

Server Events

We've had a fun year with our server events!

Our PVP Build Event was our first event where players showed off there building skills and helped us create our PVP system!

PVP Build Event
OBJECTIVE:Time to announce another build event. The theme this time around is a PvP arena.This is the time to really show off your building skills mixed with creativity!Here’s the challenge. BUILD RULES: * The arena must have a clear distinguished outline between a battle area and a viewing…
PVP Build Event Results
The PVP Build Event has come to a close, and all those who entered have been successfully ranked!

Our Halloween Event was filled with spooky fun!

Happy Halloween ??
In celebration of the holidays, we’ve added some cool things!

We also had a party at Club Neon for halloween!

Club Neon
Hey everyone, Club Neon is a nightclub that we made on the server for server events. Usually we close the Club after events but we have decided to make the club 24/7!. To get to the Club type /warp club in game. Share your parties with screenshots with us on the Discord server!

We also celebrated Christmas at Club Neon and then with some minigames! Watch it here:

Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming
Welcome to Mixer, the next generation in live streaming.

We know that some of our events where not up to par, but we will be focusing more on that next year! We are looking foward to it!

Hello 2020!

We have lot's of exciting plans for 2020 ranging from more focus into the community to a complete community rebrand!


We are rebranding from "LGBTChat MC" to "LGBTChat".

This doesn't sound like much but actaully lot's of work has gone into this, mainly seen on the Discord. We are focusing 2020 into the community, rather than just the Minecraft server. We want to be a community with a Minecraft server rather than just a Minecraft Server.

We will still do our montly updates to the Minecraft Server and run events while focusing on the Discord more!

Updates - LGBTChat
An LGBT Minecraft Survival Server. Find us at:



Hey, I’m Kyle. I’m 20 years old and I am the Owner of LGBTChat. I manage the back end of the server and websites.

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