Staff guidance for support channel

Our new support-venting channel is a place for our players to vent about anything that might be going on in their lives.

We understand that people may vent about things that could be considered upsetting or triggering and as such, we have made it optional for you to moderate the channel.

If you are fine with seeing any and all topics that may be vented about then you should treat every person with the utmost respect and never mock their issues. You do not know what is going on in their lives and as such jokes and mockery could be the last straw for someone.

Feel free to give advice where necessary, however unless you are able to provide documentation or certification of qualification in various therapy to management, you should state that you are not a qualified therapist.

If you feel you would be unable to give good, considerate advice, you should not reply to the person.

Feel free to consult our mental health resources and point people to the right place,

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