Staff Agreement

Please read the entire agreement. It's nothing major but we want to make sure all of our staff are on the same page.

1) You agree that if you disclose information that only staff members would know to anyone outside of the staff team, you may face demotion or disciplinary action (Following the Disciplinary guidelines)

2) You agree not to discuss punishments with people who are not staff.

3) You agree to be professional where you can, but you're allowed to have fun, don't worry. :D

4) You agree not to make LGBTChat look like shit <3

5) You understand that rules may be added and removed at any time as we deem it necessary. However, we will tell you about it.

6) If you go against any of the rules we have there may be a disciplinary put into place which can affect your ranking on the server. IE a movement from Mod to Helper (Minecraft) or Mod to Trainee (Discord). This all depends on the severity of your actions.

7) You agree to treat all players on the server equally  regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, colour, ethnicity, religion, disability, or other characteristics, without privilege, discrimination or bias.

8) You agree and understand that by having a staff role, you will be a visible presence on the server and players may look to you for answers, you must answer these questions in good faith that your answer would not be misleading. (Just be a good person to those who may look up to you)

9) You agree to tell us if you need a break! (we all need a break sometimes so its okay :D )

10) You agree that by being granted a staff role, you will do your best to keep up to date with guidelines, events, and rules.

11) You agree that you will follow the rules put in place in both the discord and Minecraft server

12) You agree that Management have the final say in any decisions made on the server, but this will not come without a discussion on whatever topic is at hand to make it fair to all participants.

13) Where you are over 18 yourself, you agree that you have and will maintain a duty of care towards all players and other members of staff known to the server to be under 18.

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