It's me Salt, SaltedSalt.

Staff Introductions Nov 13, 2019

Hello Buddies!

My name is Teddy, but y'all know me as Salt, SaltedSalt.
My role on this server is the discord admin and I work closely with all our staff, and making sure that the server is as active as it can be.

I am 22, and a winter child. Big up December. Oh and I am also British!

My pronouns are They/Them :)


- I am ISTP
- I am Chaotic Neutral. Man likes to say SCREW IT and make a mess. (I wasn't allowed to swear)

Also this is me as a Tik Tok. Truly, no big brain energy.

"L.A is a state" - Salt 2k19

So I was a film student, but I graduated and now idk what to do with my life.

I also love to do Photography in my free time. Love some good photo taking me.
Follow my insta if you wanna.

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-london- . . . . #london

A post shared by Sid//Human//20 (@sid.tid) on

Looky at my trip to London recently

I am also a BIG ole Elton John fan. I listen to literally only Elton John, Rocketman was my favourite movie of 2019. Like go watch it if you haven't, its all around amAZING.

The things I love tend to fluctuate A LOT. I've gone through so many obsessions such as Twenty One Pilots, Drag Queens, Broadway, Comics, Spiderman and my most recent, Elton John.

So uH yeah thats it from me I guess. I, sadly, have nothing else to say. Big sad.

DM me any time on Discord if you want. :)

- Salt


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