Changing our staffing structure.

Author: Daarko

Proposal Date: 01/October/2020


We want our staffing systems/structure to work for everyone, this means we will occasionally change the structure of our staffing system to reflect our changing views as a server and a community.

Recently with thanks to Salt, we have had a large scale discord reshuffle, with many new and renamed channels. This change, as you may have noticed, has been largely successful with many people now interacting with the Discord server than before the change. I hope that we can work with Salt to further improve the Discord server and bring new and exciting updates to it.

That brings me on to my staffing structure update proposal.

Proposal: Make several changes to various ranks to reflect this recent shift towards relative distancing between the Minecraft server and the Discord server, and while both will be connected both through the name and management team overseeing them. it is clear to me that we must have defined, concise and above all, separate Minecraft and Discord staff.

This would be achieved through clear separation of moderation ranks that are displayed on discord.

We could have "Minecraft Staff" and "Discord Staff" as the top level highlighted roles on discord to allow for clear distinction.

Roles and Responsibilities

Overall, owner and co-owner will still oversee things at a top level but the majority of decisions will likely be managed by the two respective admins

Minecraft staff

Minecraft staff would still be able to fully interact with all aspects of the Discord server, but will not be able to deal with any Discord punishments (This is a discord staff responsibility)

Admin - Responsible for deciding how to do Minecraft events, Hiring / Firing and disciplining staff and taking and relaying suggestions, (implementing suggestions after consultation) (Consults with other management) (Not an exhaustive list)

Mod -  responsible for keeping the peace on the Minecraft server and answering any Minecraft related tickets, But not for moderating the discord server.

Helper (No change)

Guide  (No change)

Discord Staff

Discord staff would still be able to fully interact with all aspects of the Minecraft server, but will not be able to deal with any Minecraft punishments (This is a Minecraft staff responsibility)

Admin - Responsible for deciding how to do Discord events, Hiring/firing and disciplining staff. What channels we should have, taking suggestions for discord etc (Consults with other management) (Not an exhaustive list)

Mod - responsible for  keeping the peace on the Discord server,  approving new members, answering Discord related tickets

Trainee - New role that will allow new discord staff to start to learn our policy and procedure and get them ready to be fully proficient discord moderators.

Separating the two staff systems would also allow for the respective staff to maintain their knowledge on one aspect of the job rather than essentially double the work.

Application Process

There will be two separate application processes each will be administered by the respective admin.

We will need two different forms and applications processes for both sides of the staff structure.

The min age for applying will be 16 for both roles.


The Minecraft process would be similar to how it is now except the Minecraft application form would be found under the Minecraft category on discord (Or could just be included in the current web page)


The Discord process would be a new process for us as there is much less for prospective staff members to learn and remember. (We still want to ensure a robust vetting system with the questions that we ask the prospective staff member however.)

Current Staff  / New staff

Our current staff already know both systems and as such we would not want to lose the knowledge they have already gained, by effectively shutting them out of moderation of both sides of the systems.

Current staff will have 3 options available to them:

Legacy staff (no change)  - A staff member who chose this option would experience very little change. they would still be able to moderate both Discord and Minecraft.

Minecraft Only - A staff member who chose this option would migrate over to our Minecraft staff team and would lose discord permissions to ban/kick etc but they would maintain a discord rank as this would be necessary for the support ticketing system.

Discord Only - A staff member who chose this option would migrate over to our Discord staff team and lose in game permissions and rank (Or could gain a "discord staff" rank to denote they are staff but have no perms)

New staff will either apply for Minecraft or Discord and as such will have already made the decision upon application.

Transferring from one system to the other

It will be possible for a staff member to apply to be moved over to the opposite system from the one they are currently in.

although we are unable to allow staff members to frequently or rapidly change from one system to the other as this could cause complications in our staffing.

For a staff member to be eligible for transfer from one system to the other they must meet the following requirements:

  • No previous transfer in the last 6 months
  • No current active disciplinary on file.
  • Must have been staff with us for at least 3 months.

Note: Legacy status will be lost if a current staff member decides to move to only one system.


We have two options for how we can present our support ticketing system.

  1. We can have two separate tickets sections that each open tickets in their own category and tag either Discord staff or Minecraft staff  depending on which category the ticket was opened from.
  2. We can keep our current ticketing system (One channel, all mods tagged every ticket.) and depending on whether the player presents a Minecraft issue or a discord issue the claiming staff member either deals with the issue or tags the appropriate system mod (Minecraft or Discord)

Staff Server

To make this change easier for everyone involved, the staff server would be changed to reflect our new staffing systems.

We would have 2 main categories, Discord staff and Minecraft staff.

Staff members who choose to maintain legacy mod status would have access to both sections..


We currently have a Staff Notion workspace and a management Notion workspace.

It may be a good idea to have a discord staff notion workspace too for the following reasons:

On our current free tier we are allocated 1000 blocks to input data on a workspace, by opening up another workspace we would effectively double our staff facing workspace space.

It makes sense to consolidate or data and documents in a related space. there are some documents that are simply not useful to one particular staff system.

We could have all discord related documents/guidelines on one easy to find place

This will enable us to tidy the discord servers (staff and general) significantly.

I welcome any and all suggestions.

Thank you


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