PVP Build Event Results

Events Jul 31, 2019

The PVP Build Event has come to a close, and all those who entered have been successfully ranked!


1️⃣ 1st Place - Alex_Ueg & FavoMLG

Prizes Won:

  • Supporter rank on the store (1 month)
  • Build used as a server PvP arena

2️⃣ 2nd Place - EarthyTurtle

Prizes Won:

  • Armour Stand Editor
  • Build used as a server PvP arena

This will be added to the in game dules system soon

3️⃣ 3rd Place - pigeon_pigeoff

Prizes Won:

  • One Trail of the Following: Angry, Damage, Pop, or Crit
  • Build used as a server PvP arena

To claim your winnings please open a ticket on our Discord


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