Punishment Procedure

Here you will find our Punishment Matrix. It shows appropriate punishments for various punishable actions a player may undertake during their time playing on the server

Below is our Punishment Matrix, It shows appropriate punishments for various punishable actions a player may undertake during their time playing on the server

You should use this as a guideline, You are free to deal with a punishable action how you see fit, But everyone who does something that breaks a rule MUST be treated the same way. You must not show favouritism towards any player for any reason.

Punishment Examples - Use these as guidance, there are multiple ways someone can break the rules in each category, use your own judgement.

Joining and Trolling

Self explanatory, someone joins and breaks the rules and has no intention of playing in a genuine way


A player using some kind of resource pack or hacked client to see through the world, We have systems in place to attempt to reduce this but people may still do it, You can identify xraying by looking for tell tale signs that someone is xraying, such as strange turning. digging down to a specific point, the player looking all around even though they are in a small cave area.


A player was asked to leave a town or home and they didn't, then started insulting people in chat.

Light Damage

A player has destroyed a few signs or placed a few blocks at someones house but not enough to be classed as griefing.


A player has destroyed a large part of someones build or placed a large amount of blocks.

Mob Griefing

A player has spawned a wither in someones property resulting in damage.


A player has taken a iron sword from someone else's chest without permission


A player is sending the same message multiple times


A player is sending a link to other players in an attempt to gain more players for themselves


A player has found a way to get on top of the nether to give themselves an advantage or a player has found an item in the shop that can be sold for more than it is bought for.

Causing Lag

A player is spawning multiple withers or is making a guardian farm


After being asked to stop by either a member of staff or the person being harassed the player continues to send messages to the person being harassed.


A player lies to a member of staff after being asked a serious question

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