Our Fundamental Changes

My open letter to you

I have realised in the past few days that how we are running things is not the best way for everyone and that some decisions we may have made may have upset multiple staff members and players.

When we started the server we always kept in mind our one principle - To listen and to Communicate and whilst we have been relatively  good with communication and respecting our staff's decisions up until recently, it is clear to me that we need to make changes. These changes will reflect our original thoughts, feelings and intentions about how the server should be a safe place, a thoughtful place and more importantly a place that listens.

Our principles have always been as follows

  • Never to undermine our staff
  • Listen to and respect our staff's decisions
  • Listen to the community with regards to changes
  • To treat everyone fairly at all times
  • To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone

Our Promise to you

From today,

We promise that we will open new communication channels that will allow us to maintain better communication with you

We promise we will open new channels that will allow you to vent any frustrations you may have

We promise that we will never undermine your decisions

We promise that we will continue to provide you with better tools to enable  you to moderate the server to the best of your ability.

We promise to ask your opinion on the majority of changes we would like to make to the server

and most importantly of all, We promise that there will be less us and them and only us. We want everyone to work as a team, but that teamwork has to start with us.

We really are sorry to everyone who feels that our actions have wronged you in anyway and we will try to make it right to you one way or another.


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