October Update

Updates Sep 30, 2019

Hey everyone,

Our October Update is now live! It's a light one mainly based around recent community votes.

  • Added Smooth Sleep
  • Removed Chunk Hoppers

Chunk Hoppers got added to the server to help combat lag, while it did help there have been recent updates to the game that fixed lag. Chunk Hoppers also keep breaking so we see no point on keeping these.

  • Added Death Chests

These allow for a little more challenge whilst also being fair. They will add a new and exciting dimension to gameplay on the server. If you die your inventory will be stored in a deathchest for you to retrieve. Please be aware that deathchests will only be active in the overworld, you will start to lose items if  you die in the end or nether from now on. Be careful out there.



Hey, I’m Kyle. I’m 20 years old and I am the Owner of LGBTChat. I manage the back end of the server and websites.

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