hi friends i am nic (update)

Staff Introductions Nov 16, 2019

hello! i'm nic, older members might remember me as fif or dreamie! i'm one of the moderators for the discord side of lgbtchat! my role on this server is to help out wherever i can, from member's questions to solving any issues that might come up to the best of my ability.

here's me with a frog on my head

my pronouns are they/them and he/him, but i flipflop between the two a lot. feel free to ask incase you're not sure!

i'm 18 years old (march 9, 2002), which makes me an adult even though no one sees me as such! i'm also 5'0" (154 cm) which does not help my case! i'm also asian-canadian, specifically filipino-canadian. but apparently i do not look like either so ?

some other nifty personality stuff wowowowo; i'm a chaotic neutral, my hogwarts house is slytherin, i'm pisces sun capricorn moon and taurus rising, and my myers-briggs is isfp.

i just think he's pretty neat..

heres some more random facts about me if you're still here!

  • i share a birthday with min yoongi from bts!
  • when i was a freshman, my plan was to go to college for 2d & 3d animation. the plan has obvs changed lol
  • my favourite colour is orange
  • i'm the artsy kid; i like writing, drawing, singing, dancing, etc. but i'm also the techy kid as well. i'm a special breed.
  • one of my special interests is bts, which i know sounds weird but they're my biggest comfort as of a few years now. i'm honestly not just a stan of them, they're genuinely saved me and are my biggest motivation. not to get all sappy euuhgugh just wanted to explain :]
  • i'm a cat person. i like dogs too i promise, but cats have my heart
  • i'm baby
  • if you catch me listening to this playlist, it either means i'm vibing or i'm healing from a breakdown lol

uhhhh here's some social media stuffs now ig;

snapchat: nicwithluv
insta: nic.read (p inactive tho)
tiktok: blisseokjin
twitter: cutejnmn

please never be shy to ask me a question or even to say hello! i don't bite, promise :]


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