How we add new features to the server

You may be wondering how we add new features to the server, this post aims to explain our new process.

There are several stages a new feature goes through before it can go live on the server, these are as follows

If you would like to request a new feature. you can fill out our form here -

Our Process

All new features are considered and a request is never just ignored.

  1. New feature is requested

Someone requests a new feature using our Feature request form

2.  Management discuss whether the feature would be a good addition to the server whilst also maintaining the core survival aspects we expect on the server. If management agree that the feature would be a good addition. It will move onto a staff vote.

3.  The staff vote can have a few outcomes so to simplify the explanation of this stage, we have made an easy to follow flow chart (Suggestion stage includes management discussion)

Looking at the above flow chart we can see that the Staff  Team vote is opened for 24 hours, at which point if all staff vote in favour (yes) of the new feature unanimously then the feature is implemented at next server update, if all staff vote not in favour (no) then the feature is not implemented. However, if the vote isnt 100% either yes or no then we pass the vote over to the players. The player vote only needs to receive over 50% of the votes either way.

4. If the feature is successful at all stages, then we will implement it at our next server update (beginning of the month) We also credit the person who requested a successful feature.

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