Moderation Rules

1. You must be fair in all of your moderation duties (Person A should be treated the same as Person B for the same thing).

2. You must NOT use your moderation powers for ANYTHING other than enforcing the rules or aiding people who have a problem.  

3. You are NOT to use /fly unless you are using it for moderation or aiding people.

4. You must NOT  bring personal biases or politics into what you enforce on the server, if it isn't in the rules do not enforce it. However If there is a rule you think should be on the server, let someone from management know and we can add it.

5. You must NOT use /ignoreclaims for any reason except for moderation.  

6. You must NOT teleport to someone without seeking permission, unless for moderation reasons.

7. You must NOT  remain in spectator mode or /v more than is necessary.  

8. /nick <name> <Nick>  is only to be used for moderation and NOT to allow players to bypass the need to purchase a rank or the command from the web store.  

9. Staff should NOT  discuss anything server related with players in dms. If someone needs help they must open a ticket.  

10. Mods MUST respond to a ticket ASAP when one is submitted, If you can not deal with the issue then inform the person that you are unable to deal with the issue but will notify an admin to get the issue sorted out.  

11. Players MUST have a full introduction before a moderator will approve them on discord. They need to include: Name/Username, Age and where they found us at a minimum.  

Rules may be amended at any point, notification will be given when this happens

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