Mod Role - Guidelines

A guide to help you get started as an LGBTChat Mod

Role Description

Moderators are there to keep the peace and deal with any disputes in a quick and effective manner although as with helpers, Mods are also there to answer questions people may have.


If there are no helpers online, you should respond to any queries that players may have.

Answer any queries Helpers, guides and occasionally players, may have.

Respond to a ticket when one is submitted, If you can not deal with the issue then inform the person that you are unable to deal with the issue but will notify an admin to get the issue sorted out

Respond to and investigate xray detector and anticheat notifications.

Commands use guidelines

The various commands you gain access to as a member of staff can be quite powerful and should under no circumstances be abused to allow you to gain anything that would otherwise be challenging or take a long time to obtain etc.

  • When you have found someone who has done something bannable you must keep track of which username has done what. As some usernames can be very similar to others.
  • When banning someone you must provide a descriptive and accurate reason as this punishment is automatically recorded. You must also check to see if that person has any previous bans.
  • Do not use any punishment as a mess around with friends. It is unprofessional and a waste of time.

When you find someone who is/may be xraying, using /gmsp follow them to gain visual evidence use /history <name> to see if there are previous offences, take a screenshot of the “direct to ore” mine with the chat open clearly showing any previous offences.

If you are unfair in your use of commands, use them to gain advantage on the server, or anything else deemed as unfair or unprofessional you may face demotion.

Support Tickets

Our support ticket system on discord is effective in allowing players to contact staff.

To enable you to provide quick and effective support to a player in a ticket. we have a process for you to follow when replying to tickets.

1) The first member of staff to see a ticket and replies to it is  classed as being assigned to the ticket

Only the assigned staff member may reply to that ticket

2) Once a member of staff is assigned they are to help any way they can

3) Only the assigned member of staff is permitted to close the relevant ticket

4) If unable to help then the member of staff is to send a message similar to this to the ticket "I'm sorry but I am unable to help with this issue, I will pass this along to someone who can help" at which point they will @ Kyle and Daarko

Never only @Kyle and Daarko without an explanatory message about how you cant help as the above example states

You must remain professional and courteous at all times when dealing with players

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