Management Guidelines

Being a member of the management team, is a huge responsibility, This responsibility can never be abused as this will upset players and staff members alike.

Our current Management Roles

Head Mod

Has responsibility for all things relating to staff, from hiring, discipline and firing, to training and updating. This is a very important role as choosing the right mods is imperative to keeping the server running effectively and keeping the players happy.


Has responsibility for keeping the server running smoothly, from writing important documentation designed to make life at least somewhat easier for all who interact with the server in some capacity. As well as ensuring that everyone has a voice and is free to give their opinion and give suggestions. and writing rules and developing them as the needs of the server evolve.


Has responsibility for all aspects of the server. Makes sure that admins and head mods are doing their jobs correctly, although typically these roles are filled by incredibly trustworthy members of the server so jobs are essentially always done correctly. Is also responsible for ensuring that server fees are paid and that we have a steady stream of income to a level that we are able to cover our hosting fees without having to put extra money into the server. Also has responsibility for making sure that the server is maintained, e.g. Plugins updated, server version kept up to date and ensuring the server stays stable.

Overrule procedure

  • We never undermine or overrule a staff member's decision directly, we have chosen our staff because we believe them to be sufficient in carrying out their duties,
  • If a staff member makes a truly awful decision then it must be brought to a staff team vote during which a majority must agree that the decision was not a good one. If this vote is successful and the majority agree that the decision was a bad one, then level 1 disciplinary proceedings against the staff member must take place
  • If the vote is unsuccessful and the majority feel that the decision was fair and deserved, then no further action is taken and the staff members decision stays in place

New feature procedure

A server must be relatively predictable and reliable and as such, it could be classed as unprofessional to just implement new features on a whim, as such we have designed a system that will ensure that only features that people actually want are implemented into the server.

  • Step 1 - New feature is suggested
  • Step 2 - New feature vote is opened to the entire staff team for 24 hours. during which staff are given the opportunity to vote yes or no. if a staff member fails to vote during the voting period then they are not included in final vote score, There are 3 possible outcomes to a ┬áNew Feature Vote
  • (Vote Successful Yes) If New feature vote is successful and voted in favour for by every staff member within 24 hour deadline then the feature will be implemented during the first week of the next month
  • (Vote successful No) If the New feature vote is successful and voted against by every staff member within 24 hour deadline then the feature will not be implemented
  • (Vote failure) If the New Feature Vote is unsuccessful and some staff members vote yes and some vote no, then the vote is handed over to the players, where it will be implemented or not based on if yes or no gets the most votes. If this vote is In favour, meaning more yes than no votes, then the feature will be implemented. if the vote is not in favour, meaning more no votes than yes votes, the feature will not be implemented
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