Management Directive


LGBTChat was founded with the guiding principles of :

  • To never undermine our staff
  • To listen to and respect our staff's decisions
  • To listen to the community with regards to changes
  • To treat everyone fairly at all times
  • To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone

and as management we need to ensure that these principles are never overwritten, undermined or forgotten. They should be at the forefront of everything we do.

This agreement governs the management team (Owner, Admin and Head Mod) For the agreement governing staff members please visit


By being a member of the management team, you agree that:

1) You will never overrule ANY decision made by ANY staff member without first bringing it to a staff team vote.

2) You will respect the outcome of any vote that is initiated by management.

(Management is there for a reason, and staff may not initiate a vote, this is to prevent staff voting overhead of  management decisions.

2.a) However management will respect general consensus of opinion, but management also retain the right to maintain the original vision of the server.

3) Any vote to be initiated will be free from biased language or wording

4) Any previous vote subject will not be granted a revote until at least 2 months have passed

5)You will make decisions to either improve or maintain server performance and ethos. You will never make any knowing decision to the detriment of the server

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