LGBTChat Staffing Restructure

Recently the Management Team has been talking about a restructure of our current staffing system.

Our current staffing system has been in place essentially from the founding of the server, but it is slowly becoming apparent to us that we need to rethink and redesign our staffing structure to be more efficient than it currently is.

This all might sound scary but I promise it won't be a difficult process.

The basic outline of the proposed staffing structure would be as follows:

  • Separation of the Minecraft and Discord moderation responsibilities
  • A separate application system for the Minecraft and Discord Moderation roles

Staff will either be "Minecraft Moderation" or "Discord Moderation"

However we do not want to waste the knowledge that our current Moderation team possesses,

In order to preserve the knowledge that each member of staff currently has, there will be a special status available  to our current staff team. "Legacy Staff"

Legacy Status essentially means that the legacy staff member will be both Minecraft and a Discord mod (Essentially no change to how it is now)

Legacy staff do, however, also have the choice to move to either Minecraft or Discord too at any time, but upon moving to either system, legacy status will be lost.

We will be open to suggestions and questions until  21/September/2020 at which point we will start putting the systems in place ready for the roll-out of the new systems on 30/September/2020

Please ask as many questions as you need in the new  #staff-restructure channel we will answer any questions you may have.

Please also use this new channel to provide any suggestion you may have.

The full proposal for the new staffing structure can be found linked below.

Read the full proposal here

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