Useful Information Board - Mods

This page is designed to allow you to find all available information/documentation relevant to your role

Policy Documents

Staff Agreement
Glossary of Terms * Us, we, our (Management) * The Management team ( Head Mod, Admin and Owner) * Staff, member of staff (Any official rank that would permit access to the staff discord server) Agreement Read the entire agreement, carefully, as it governs your new or continuing staff positi…
Staff Code of Conduct
All Staff of the LGBTChat Network and Subsidiaries are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct at all times both in game and on Discord. Our Pledge In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we pledge to make participation in our Network and our community a harassment-free exp…
Staff - Disciplinary Policy
We are fairly forgiving and lenient when it comes to freedoms staff have to do their job. but on the odd occasion we may have to resort to disciplinary measures if a member of staff starts acting problematic. This policy outlines our process for dealing with staff discipline. You are entitled to …
Punishment Procedure
Here you will find our Punishment Matrix. It shows appropriate punishments for various punishable actions a player may undertake during their time playing on the server
LGBTChat Attendance Policy
Effective - 31st October 2019 To enable us to run effectively and ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for our players we must make sure that staff members are a regular presence on the server. This document serves as an extension to paragraph 9.b of the staff agreement “Furthermore, you agree t…


Mod Role - Guidelines
A guide to help you get started as an LGBTChat Mod
Watchover Guidebook
A guide to help you get started with the LGBTChat Watchover system
Discord Staff - Guidelines
A guide to help you get started as an LGBTChat Discord Staff Memeber


LGBTChat Voice
You can provide any feedback as a member of staff, this Feedback form is designed to be completely anonymous.
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