Increasing Parity between staff and the community

We have noticed for a while that there has been a distinct and very thick line between staff and members of the community.

We understand that there will always be some kind of disconnect between staff and the community as there will always be issues which are unable to be discussed in public.

I would like to note that the staff discord server was never meant to serve as a social outlet and was only for moderation purposes. (Although a certain member of management may have forgotten that, Hint: Begins with D)

If you need to discuss anything relating to moderation both in game and on discord then please by all means, use the staff server

But if you would want to post a cute picture of a cat, or a funny video you found. or just to be in VC while playing. please use the main server.

I know this change  may be a little tough for everyone. But we will all get used to it.

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