Helper Role - Guidelines

A guide to help you get started as an LGBTChat Helper

Role Description

As the role suggests helpers are on the server as one of  the first points of contact if anyone needs help with anything on the server and as such should be fully knowledgeable of all aspects of the server although if you don’t know something do not give false information.

All new potential mods will be helper for at least a month, this gives us time to evaluate your effectiveness as a mod. During this time you will receive training if needed.

Respond to queries that players may have, we need an available and approachable staff team.

Any answers you give to questions should be, to the best of your knowledge, accurate.

Follow the punishment guidelines when handing out punishments.

Be equal and fair when punishing someone, If person A does something warranting a punishment then that punishment should be the same if person B does the same thing.


/history (user)
checks if a user has any warns, bans, kicks or mutes on record

/kick (user)
kicks user from server You must always give a reason

/tempmute (user) (time) (reason)
temp mutes a user for given time. You must always give a reason

/unmute (name)
unmutes the user

/warn (name)
warns the user You must always give a reason

/tempwarn (name) (time)
temp warns the user You must always give a reason

/ac (Message)
sends a message to the adminchat (Staff only chat)

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