Happy Halloween ??

Updates Oct 26, 2019

Happy Halloween ??

In celebration of the holidays, we've added some cool things!

We have heard your cries for help that the server was a little too spooky. So we have contacted Jack Skellington to see if he could do anything about the evil forces.  (We reduced the amount of times spooky effects will take place on the server)

Pumpkin Heads ?
Will pick up a random player and place a pumpkin on their head if they wear no helmet. It will also run some visual effects, play sounds and send some messages in chat. Bats will also spawn near player head. If players don't want to get this effect all over again all they have to do is wear something on their heads.

Pumpkin Effects ?
Will check near players for Pumpkins or Jack o Lantern blocks placed and will play some effects and sounds to make the pumpkin feel like they are alive.

Pumpkin Click Effects ?
Will play some effects and sounds when players click on placed Pumpkins or Jack o Lanterns blocks.

Bats Effects ?
If you hit/shoot a bat they will transform into a Witch and spawn a firework and some small effects. Just for fun.

Witch Effects ?‍♀️
When you hit/shoot a witch there is a configurable change that the witch will morph back into a bat.

Mobs Pumpkin Heads ?
Will place randomly Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns on mobs heads when they spawn. Sometimes will place Pumpkins, sometimes Jack o Lanterns and sometimes none, also when mobs already wear helmets they will not get removed, just to have diversity in the game. Keep in mind that placing something on mods heads is only possible for mobs that can wear equipment as Zombies, Skeletons, ZombiePigmen... , this is a game limitation.

Mobs disguised as Death ☠
Will disguise random mobs that can wear equipment when they spawn as Death. The mob will be invisible and wear Black leather helmet and chastplate and a hoe.

Raise Monsters from the Ground
During the night will pickup random players to raise zombies and skeletons from the ground near them.

Random Scares
During the night will get random players and play random sounds and sometimes lightning. For a spooky feel.

Eat Pumpkin Pie Effects
Will play some effects when you eat a pumpkin pie. It will place a pumpkin on your head and apply some potion effects, play some sounds and particles.

Ghosts ?
When you kill a player or sometimes a mob a ghost will spawn from the soul of the killed entity! Fancy effect and spooky!

Spawn Fancy Mobs
When a hostile mob is spawning there is a small chance that a fancy mob will spawn. Fancy mobs are some mobs that you normally do not find in the world or are very rare.

  • Chicken Jockey - Is a baby zombie, zombie pigman, villager zombie or a husk riding a chicken. Spawns sometimes when a zombie spawns.
Chicken Jockey
  • Spider Jockey - Is a skeleton, wither skeleton or a stray riding a spider or a cave spider. Spawns sometimes when a skeleton spawns.
Spider Jockey 
  • SkeletonHorseman - Is a skeleton riding a skeleton horse. Will equip an enchanted bow and sometimes an enchanted iron helmet. Spawns sometimes when a skeleton spawns.
Skeleton Horseman 
  • Zombie Horseman - Is a zombie riding a zombie horse. Will equip an enchanted iron sword and sometimes an enchanted iron helmet. Spawns sometimes when a zombie spawns.
Zombie Horseman
  • Illusioner - Makes the Illusioner mob to spawn naturally sometimes when a witch spawn. Available with custom names.



Hey, I’m Kyle. I’m 20 years old and I am the Owner of LGBTChat. I manage the back end of the server and websites.

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