Guide Role - Guidelines

A guide to help you get started as an LGBTChat Guide

Role Description

A guide acts as a first point of contact for players. They are there to help players with any queries they may have about the server or Minecraft in general.

Guide serves as the first step on your road to mod, the ranks of Guide and Helper allow us to evaluate your effectiveness as a member of staff, Full training will be provided if you should need it.

Keep in mind however we need the best, fairest and most approachable staff to become a mod.


Answer any and all questions in an open, approachable and accurate way.
Do not give “Joke” answers to questions someone may have as this can be frustrating to players.

Be an approachable presence on the server

Give new players a great first impression that we are a caring server where everyone is valued.


/tp (name)
Allows you to tp to people without first asking.
Only to be used for moderation

Shows who is nearby

Sends a message to the staff chat to talk to other online staff members

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