LGBTChat Gatekeeper

LGBTChat Gateway Information

As an LGBTChat Gatekeeper you will be the face of the community to our new members! Your role is to read any new introductions and scan them.

The purpose of our gateway is to keep our community safe from any trolls so as you can imagine this is a very important role.

Before we start you must agree to our staff agreement as you are a face of the community.

Staff Agreement
Please read the entire agreement. It’s nothing major but we want to make sureall of out staff are on the same page. 1) You agree that if you disclose information that only staff members would knowto anyone outside of the staff team, you may face demotion or disciplinaryaction (Following the Disc…


As a gatekeeper you will gain access to three new channels:

Welcome: welcome channel is used by our gateway bot to welcome new members into the Discord server and explains the gateway process.

Introductions: this is where the new members will post their introductions to be read and scanned by you.

Approval: This is where you will spend most of your time as a gatekeeper. Here you can discuss an introduction with the others and will be notified each time someone joins when someone joins you will see the following message:

Only once you have read the message and if the member meets our conditions you may approve them.

To approve a new member type:

?approve @username

You can also use Discord User IDs to approve new members to get a user ID follow this guide: Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID? – Discord

?approve 110860996859420672


  • To comply with Discord terms of service we cannot approve anyone under the age of 13.

Evaluate if they are a troll:

To evaluate if they are a troll or not here are some top tips

  • Short intro - indicates they are a troll, you can ask for more detail
  • No profile picture - this isn't always a sign but something to look out for
  • Connected Accounts - again not always a sign but something to look out for
  • Duplicate - You can copy and paste the introduction into the search bar to see if its just been copied

Sometimes we get it wrong and let in a troll, if you do this please don't worry. Tag a mod in the Discord server and someone will hop on and ban them.

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