Events Redesign

We are redesigning our whole events creation system and staffing with a focus on communication, collaboration and increased efforts in developing better quality, engaging events.

How we aim to achieve this:

  • Closing the events team.

We are closing the events team because having a separate team entirely dedicated to creating events sounded good on paper, but just caused issues way beyond what we could have ever prepared for. By closing the team we can open events creation to a larger body of people who can put forward wonderful new ideas. by having event creation at a equal level rather than in a hierarchical sense we can ensure that there is much more variety in the events that we develop.

  • Opening the events channels up to all staff members.

We hope that by opening up the events creation process to more people we will get varied and new event ideas.

You can look at the channels available to you in the staff server. Regardless of role you can see and contribute to the events channels.

  • Releasing events once every three months.

We hope that by reducing the amount of events we release. we can develop much better quality events that most people will want to be involved in. We can continue to develop events and we could perhaps create a small back catalog of release ready events which will ensure we always have an event ready to go when the deadline arrives

We hope that these changes allow us to reach the goals we originally set with the creation of the events team.


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