Hi babz its me, Doc

Staff Introductions Dec 06, 2019

Hello queer (or straight) people, in game I go by Dr.Bichcraft, Doc for short. I'm one of the two (2) builders on the server. Essentially what that means is that we're Kyle's slaves- I mean we build things on the server.

I am gay and use the pronouns he/him!

Me being an absolute bebey.

I'm 19 years old and I'm from Cyprus, a tiny little European country, but I'm currently in the UK for Uni (I'm studying comp sci if anyone was curious. I don't recommend) .

The Cypriot flag

Okay now onto some tings about me...

I'm a Scorpio (Yes, we're all mean), I never watched a single Hairy Butter movie ever but the quiz my friend made me take said I'm a Hufflepuff. I took it again later and it said Slytherin, so now honestly idk sis...

Some of my hobbies include: being lazy, sleeping in, playing video games (like Overwatch, I main mercy, anna and Pharrah), being a gay mess, and kpop. But don't worry, I'm not a trashy B*S stan like our mod dr*amie (Pray for him y'all :( ). My favourite kpop groups are Loona, Twice, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, BlackPink, EXID, Apink, T-ara (rip) and MANY more. If you haven't noticed, they're all women, because we STAN strong and talented women in THIS house.

I will be closing this with a few little facts about me:

  • I'm mad stooped. It's not even funny.
  • I like anime. My fave anime of all time is Black Butler. Sebastian is my husband, don't touch him.
  • I love drag and drag race. My favourite queens are Alaska, Katya, Courtney and Tammie Brown.
  • I'm a 'piece of excavating equipment' for food. I LOVE food. If you give me food I will k*ll for you.
  • I'm actually really shy, but $20 is $20.
  • I have denounced capitalism and now live in the woods as a member of a wolf pack.
  • I may seem mean but I promise I'm nice deep deep deep deep deep (...) deep down.
Stream Butterfly by Loona, pwease! My girlies need to pay for electricity.

Follow me on twitter (or else (jk)): @eunjislut

Discord: Dr.Bitchcraft#9117

That's all luvs and tahts on pyramid.