Discord Staff - Guidelines

A guide to help you get started as an LGBTChat Discord Staff Memeber


As a community staff member you are also expected to moderate the Discord server, staff are not only staff on the Minecraft server we also have to uphold the rules on Discord too. We hold players to the same standard on Discord that we would expect over on Minecraft, If anyone is breaking a rule or causing drama/arguments then a member of staff needs to step in and maintain the peace.


!ban (user)

bans a user from Discord mod only

!tempban (user) (time)

Temporarily bans a user from the server  mod only

!clear (ammount)

Delete a channel's messages helpers and above

!infractions (user)

Displays a user's infractions, simmilar to /history helpers and above

!kick (user)

Kicks a user from the server helpers and above

!mute (user)

Server-mutes a user helpers and above

!tempmute (user) (time)

Temporarily server-mutes a user helpers and above

!unmute (user)

Unmutes a user

!warn (user) helpers and above

Warns a user

Automated Actions:

Mee6 automatically takes action on users based on there infractions. See image below:

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