Discord FAQ

Welcome to our Discord Server FAQ. You will find answers to everything you need to know here.

Join the LGBTChat Discord Server!
Check out the LGBTChat community on Discord - hang out with 296 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Assigning Yourself Roles

  1. Go to https://roleypoly.com/s/575745280767688744
  2. Follow sign in instructions
  3. Select "LGBTChat" from the list of available servers
  4. Choose your roles
  5. Save Changes

Alternatively, go to #roles on the Discord server and follow the instructions.

Music Bot

  1. Enter a voice channel and go to #bot-cmd
  2. Type -play <song name>

We value your feedback

Let us know how we are doing
Let us know how we are doing
Feature request form
You can request a feature you would like to see on the server using the formbelow Open Request form [https://lgbtchat.typeform.com/to/Zp611T] We will consider each request
Feature Request


To get help from our staff, please create a new ticket by going to #tickets and typing -new

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