Staff - Disciplinary Policy

We are fairly forgiving and lenient when it comes to freedoms staff have to do their job.

but on the odd occasion we may have to resort to disciplinary measures if a member of staff starts acting problematic.

This policy outlines our process for dealing with staff discipline.

You are entitled to have a witness at every stage of the disciplinary process

The 5 levels of discipline are labeled as follows

  • Level 1 -  Informal Verbal Discussion (IVD)
  • Level 2 - Formal Verbal Warning  (FVW)
  • Level 3 - Formal Written Warning (FWW)
  • Level 4 - Final Warning    (FW)
  • B - Banishment


An issue is brought to the attention of management

Informal Verbal Discussion (1)

A member of the Management Team will invite the staff member to have an informal discussion with them, during this discussion we will explain what they did wrong, allow the staff member to put across their concerns/thoughts. We will then discuss how the situation could have been handled better and how the staff member should act moving on.

The IVD  will be recorded for 2 weeks at which point it will be removed from the file.

Formal Verbal Warning (2)

Every step from here will be recorded and noted in a staff disciplinary file for up to 6 months.

If the IVD is unsuccessful and the issue still remains a member of the management team will issue a verbal warning, explaining what the staff member is doing wrong and that this counts as their first formal warning, The staff member is free to ask questions about how they should move forward, but this warning will still be recorded. The staff member will be informed that they will demoted to the next rank down for 2 weeks.

A 2 week demotion will take effect                                                                                             (A mod would be a helper for 2 weeks)

Formal Written Warning (3)

At this stage a 1 month demotion will take effect.                                                                   (A mod would be demoted to helper for 1 month)

If the FVW is unsuccessful this shows evidence that there may be a serious issue.

A Member of the Management team will issue a typed formal warning following a template. In the Written warning it will state what the staff member is doing wrong and that a 1 month demotion to the next rank down will take place.

Final Warning (4)

If a staff member reaches this stage, there is a serious issue and it needs dealing with.

A demotion and 3 month loss of staff rank will occur                                                           (A mod would return as a helper after 3 months complete demotion)

A member of the Management team will issue a typed final warning following a template, It will be explained that they will lose access to the staff server and a staff rank for 3 months. at which point they will start at guide rank and have to progress through the ranks and prove themselves again.

This should be the final stage, the staff member should correct their behaviour, if not we move onto the next stage.

A final warning remains on a file for 1 year

Banishment (B)

At this point, the staff members actions have not improved, they have not learned and it is clear they will not. They will be permanently banned from all servers with no chance of appeal.

We have designed this process to be as fair and lenient as is physically possible.

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