December Update ?

Updates Nov 28, 2019

It's that time of year already, time for this years final update and it's a good one! We've had many requests through our suggestion channels and recent end of year survey so we've implemented a good number of these.

PVP Toggle

Many of us have wanted a better PVP system on the LGBTChat MC server, so we've reworked the system.

Players can now enable PVP and PVP anywhere on the server.

  • PVP disabled by default
  • Both players need to have PVP enabled to damage each other

To enable PVP type /pvp on/off

If you want a more fair PVP scenario read our 1v1 post:

Today we announce our new 1V1 PVP duel system!To duel anyone on the server type /duel you can also place a bet on your duelby typing /duel All commands: /duel/duel [username]/duel [username] [money]/duel accept [username]/duel deny [username]/duel queue/duel queue [kit] [bet]/duel stats…

Supporter Bundles

We've recently refreshed our Supporter rank and added budles, this gives you more for less! Bundles are at a discounted price and give you more rewards. See them here:


We've finally added an online server map, this can be viewed at

/Shop Update

We have added a few much requested things to the shop.

  • Added the ability to sell magma blocks
  • Added Sea Pickles
  • Added End Rods
  • Removed Duplicate Polished Diorite
  • Re-enabled Foxes, (No more sad squeaks when trying to spawn foxes)
  • Changed Nether wart quantity
  • Re-added Phantom Membranes
  • Added Eggs
  • Added ability to sell Dried Kelp Blocks

Thank you to everyone for such a crazy year, we've created an amazing community together and made lot's of new friends. Heres to  an even crazier year!

Please take some time to complete our end of year survey!

We hope everyone has an amazing holiday, stay safe and we will see you again next year for our January Update! ?

LGBTChat End of year Address and survey 2019
It has been one crazy year for us here at LGBTChat and we have only been movingfrom strength to strength. We are excited to keep bringing you new and exciting updates to maintain thelevel of challenge and intrigue and to bring more features to the server andcommunity as a whole to engage and kee…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at LGBTChat MC!

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Among with LGBTChat

Hey, I’m Kyle. I’m 20 years old and I am the Owner of LGBTChat. I manage the back end of the server and websites.

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