Nyello, I'm Dreamie!

Staff Introductions Nov 16, 2019

Hi! I'm Nic, also known as daydreamie or dreamie! I'm one of the moderators on this server!
My role on this server is to help the higher ups aka the Nerds (<3) supervise the server and help players with any inquiries or issues they may have to the best of my ability.

hey das me

I use the pronouns He/Him and They/Them!

I'm 17 years old, born on March 9, 2002 which makes me a Pisces! Fun fact: I have the same birthday as Min Yoongi from BTS.

the man himself.....

I'm from Canada! My background however is of Asian-Canadian descent, my mom is Filipino and my dad's white. :>

Just some other personality stuff about me; I'm a Chaotic Neutral (Hi Salt), a Slytherin, and ISFP.

My main hobbies are singing, dancing, crocheting, listening to music, and taking photos. I occasionally draw as well, but not as much as I used to.

In case it's not obvious, my main interest is K-Pop, specifically BTS! I know, I know, ewwww a BTS stan. I do like a large variety of K-Pop groups, such as Mamamoo, Vixx, Monsta X, etc. etc. but at the moment, BTS is one of my biggest comfort interests. Meaning, whenever I'm just having a terrible day in general, I'll listen to BTS and I'll at least feel even a bit better, if not fully. If you don't like BTS or K-Pop, that's completely okay! Everyone has their tastes. :) Feel free to talk to me about K-Pop stuff! I'd love some more friends with the same music taste as me! :D

a babey!

Here some more facts about me in case you're still here!

  • I have an absolute horrible memory, so please do not rely on me to remember things easilyaskjdfs
  • I'm the biggest cat person! If I'm not talking about BTS, then I'm probably squealing about how much I love cats and how adorable they are.
  • My future career is still a big ??? but at the moment, I'm very interested in the technical side of theatre production! So basically working with lighting, audio engineering, camera control, setting up equipment for shows or assemblies, all that jazz. Plus I love bossing people around so that's also a plus :]
  • I'm babie.

Uhhhh here's some social media stuffs now ig!

Snapchat: nicwithluv
Instagram: nic.read
Discord: daydream#4407

Please never be shy to ask me a question or even to say hello! I don't bite, promise :]

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