Updates Dec 14, 2019
Usually finding out something you love is now full of bees is bad news (your cat, parents, self, etc). We hope you find the abundance of bees now buzzing merrily in Minecraft: Java Edition a delightful exception! Along with the Buzzy Bees, you'll also find honeycomb, honeycomb blocks, honey blocks, the honey bottle, bee nests and beehives and absolutely no cats full of bees. Actually, I'm just gonna quickly double-check that last one...

Today we updated to Minecraft 1.15, as with any server update there may be issues. Please report these on Discord via a ticket if you come across any.


Waiting on /trails to be updated

Cosmetics don't work - inlcuding treasure chests

Armor Stand Tools

  • Added option in the GUI tool to turn on/off the glow effect


  • Added Bee combat experience
  • Breaking a Bee Nest will result in Herbalism XP
  • Breeding bees will now result in Taming XP


  • Fixed sticky pistons being able to unlock protections.



Hey, I’m Kyle. I’m 20 years old and I am the Owner of LGBTChat. I manage the back end of the server and websites.

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