Autumn Build Event

Events Sep 1, 2019

Time to announce another build event. The theme this time around is Musical Autumn Park! Here’s the challenge.


  • The park must be a fenced in area. Any palette of blocks can be used to create the fence.
  • Note Blocks should be used to create a song of sorts (existing or new) with a visible activation. Note Blocks should not be visible however, and are highly encouraged to be underneath the park area.
  • Builds are to be at least 2 chunks by 2 chunks (32 blocks by 32 blocks).
  • Trees are a required feature.


  • Builds must be completed by September 25th.
  • Winner will be selected by the events team by various scoring attributes.
  • A Community Favourite will be selected by a community vote in #event. Use the :thumbsup: reaction on the submission you wish to vote for.
  • The build area must be claimed by the submitting player.
  • The submitted build must be of the Musical Autumn Park theme; others will be disqualified.
  • Builds cannot break any server rules.


  • Upload 1 Screenshot of Exterior  and 1 Screenshot of Interior to #events-submit in Discord AFTER Completion
  • Place Your IGN & Coords of Build w/ Screenshot


1️⃣ 1st Place

  • Supporter rank on the store (1 month)
  • Warp for Park

2️⃣ 2nd Place

  • By Pass Backpack Cooldown

3️⃣ 3rd Place

  • Trail Choice (One): Music, Enchant, or Spark

Community Favourite

  • Craft Command
  • Warp for Park


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