LGBTChat Attendance Policy

Effective - 31st October 2019       -       Updated 27th May 2020

To enable us to run effectively and ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for our players we must make sure that staff members are a regular presence on the server.

This document serves as an extension to paragraph 9.b of the staff agreement  

"Furthermore, you agree that we can, at our discretion, remove you from the staff team, for not maintaining an appropriate amount monthly playtime on the server (as described in our attendance policy)"

This policy is designed to be fairer and clearer than our previous policy regarding staff attendance


  • Expected play time
  • Permitted Breaks
  • Role Reduction
  • Examples

Expected Play Time

Each role within the staff team has a different expectation set out for them with regards to how much they should play on the server each month and how many sessions (separate times where you log onto the server) expected per week.

These are subject to change.

Guide   -  5 Hours per Attendance Period  and At least 1 meaningful session per week

Helper -  10 Hours per Attendance Period and At least 2 meaningful sessions per week

Mod     -  15 Hours per Attendance Period  and At least 4 meaningful sessions per week

Attendance Period - Is the period of one month from the 1st to the last day of the month

Meaningful sessions - are sessions that are 30 mins or longer

Permitted Breaks

We understand that everyone goes through personal issues from time to time and that you are staff under a voluntary capacity.

You must tell us if you intend to spend any longer than a week away from the server

Permitted breaks should be no longer than a month but at management discretion can be extended up to 2 months in exceptional circumstances after which point Role Reduction would start to take place.

If after 2 months from your last meaningful session you still have not returned to the server we will have to start considering Role Reduction

Role Reduction

Role Reduction is our way of encouraging attendance from our staff and making it easier to fulfill Staff attendance requirements.

A Role Reduction would not take place while a permitted break is taking place.

How does it work?

Role reduction is essentially semi-temporary demotion to a lower rank to enable staff who are currently unable to fulfill their full role session/attendance requirements.

If a member of staff has been unable to fulfill their Attendance Period requirements one month AND there was no communication/Permitted break requested then at the end of the month the staff member would be informed that they did not meet the requirements, then if after that informed month they would be demoted down one rank so that the Attendance Period requirements are easier to reach while the staff member is finding it difficult to fulfill the requirements

Example: Alex the mod was unable to meet their requirements during January and as such would be informed at the end of January and if they still can't meet the requirements during February they would be demoted to helper at the beginning of March.

  • If Alex meets the requirements for mod again they would be promoted at the end of March
  • If Alex maintains the requirements for helper during March but does not fulfill the requirements for Mod, they would maintain the rank of helper until the month where they are able to fulfill their mod requirements again.
  • If Alex does not meet the requirements for helper during March and as such will be demoted to guide at the beginning of September

This means that a mod who was unable to fulfill their requirements in July would be fully demoted at the end of November.

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