Staff Onboarding

After a successful interviewing process, the candidate moves on to onboarding.

Onboarding is the process of getting a staff member ready for their role.


The new member of staff is to read through the staff agreement, found here

They will agree to it by typing "I agree" underneath the message on discord, this constitutes a digital signature.


The new member of staff reads through all applicable guidelines and has the opportunity to ask any questions.

Given Roles

The new member of staff is then given their respective role, on minecraft and the discord servers.

Possible promotion date

The new member of staff is given a prospective promotion date, this is written in #staff-promotion under this template                                                                                                                               (Staff name - Current rank to Next rank - Date)

This date is kept secret from the staff member as it can be extended at any point.

They will remain their initial rank for at least a month. If you feel that they are not ready for the next rank feel free to extend the date by a week at a time.

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