LGBTChat Network Affiliate Programme

Community Sep 1, 2019

Would you like to receive some cool rewards and also help the server at the same time?

Today we are introducing our Affiliate Programme which will give you sweet rewards in return for helping us gain more, regular players.

How does it work?

You invite your friends who you think would be a good match for how our server runs.

They play for at least 6 hours

You fill out the form below and provide the evidence asked for.

Once we have verified that you invited them and their playtime, you will both get a Legendary Treasure Chest

Already invited a friend?

If you've already invited a friend, Fill in the form below and we can get you the reward


To be eligible for the Affiliate programme, you must agree to the following rules

  • No Alt Accounts
  • Only one reward per friend that joins

The Form


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