LGBTChat End of year Address and survey 2019

It has been one crazy year for us here at LGBTChat and we have only been moving from strength to strength.

We are excited to keep bringing you new and exciting updates to maintain the level of challenge and intrigue and to bring more features to the server and community as a whole to engage and keep you entertained.

We are working on improving communication between staff and members, By utilising several new communication channels, we will also be adding many new community features both on and off Minecraft to try to bring us all together as a community.

We are hoping to keep expanding our player base, by retaining and rewarding our loyal players and looking and expanding to new players.

We will be bringing bigger and more exciting events for you to take part in, both in minecraft and on discord, with a wider variety of topics, so there will be an event for everyone at some point during the year.

We will be looking to expand our staff team so that we can continue to provide an increasingly consistent help and support network and to make sure that no one ever feel unsafe while interacting with our server. Our aim is to become a fantastic and inclusive place for all within the LGBT+ community.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has interacted with either of our servers

From everyone here at LGBTChat, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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